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JACOB FOPPENS VAN ES (Antwerp c. 1596 – 1666)

Bouquet of flowers

oil on panel


19 ⅞ x 14 inches          (48 x 36 cm.)


Collection Maria van Es, The Hague


First recorded in Antwerp in 1617, where he was admitted to the Guild, although there is no record of his having served apprenticeship, Throughout his successful carrier in Antwerp he was often referred to as Fopsen (Foppens etc. which must mean son of Foppe (a Frisian name). Despite the persistent impression of relative ‘up north’, no Foppe van Es or van Essen has been traced, nor has any other Es or van Essen in Antwerp who might have been his father. One of his sons, Nicolaes, Lucas, Ignatius and Deodatus joined the Antwerp guild in 1648, but it is not known which one.

Jacob van Es specialized in still lives, usually signing with his name in full and in capital letters. Only very rarely he dated his works, which makes it difficult to establish a chronological order.


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