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JORIS FREDERIK ZIESEL (Hoogstraten 1756 — Antwerp 1809)

Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase and a Bird’s Nest on a Marble Table

signed GF Ziesel

oil on panel

12 1/3 x 10 ¼ inches          (31.4 x 26 cm.)


Private Collection, The Netherlands

Joris Frederik, later known as George Frédéric Ziesel, was born in Hoogstraten, Flanders in 1756. Although he was one of the most prominent still life painters in Belgium at the time, little is known about his life. From 1770 on, Ziesel was an orphan and lived in Antwerp. It is unclear whether he received his training at the Academy in Antwerp since his name is not found in any of the registers. Although he was friends with the painters Pieter Faes and Balthasar-Paul Ommeganck, it is unclear who his teacher was. Ziesel exhibited at the Salons in Antwerp in 1805 and 1809. Ziesel married in 1780 but remained childless throughout his life. He spent and worked a good part of his career in Paris where he exhibited at the Salon of 1802. Ziesel died in Antwerp on June 26, 1809.

Ziesel painted still lifes on panel as well as on glass, a technique he must have learned in France. Paintings by Ziesel are quite rare and are always table top still lifes of floral arrangements in a vase on a marble, sometimes accompanied by fruit. The bird’s nest in the present painting broadcasts spring and the origin of new life that this season introduces. And although Ziesel’s paintings are very much indebted to fellow Antwerp painters Cornelis van Spaendonck and Jan van Huysum, the influences of Rococo and Neoclassicism are apparent.


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